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UPDATED – Equifax Data Being Held for Ransom for $2.6m USD in Bitcoin

Hosted on a .onion site which runs on the anonymous Tor network, hackers claim they have the Equifax data and are holding it for ransom for approximately 600 Bitcoin or $2.6m USD

What you need to know about the Equifax data breach

US Credit Reporting giant Equifax recently announced that they have been the victim of a data breach where hackers were able to obtain sensitive personal information on 143 million people.

3 Myths of Smart Home Device Security

“When does it stop listening? Who Is listening?”

Identity theft is at an all time high, here’s what you should do

Consumers are continuing to have their identities stolen at an alarming rate. In the UK, 89,000 cases were recorded in the first 6 months of 2017.

How Data Breaches Affect You & What To Do About It

Millions of people are at risk of cyber crime and don’t take steps to protect themselves because they don’t know how.

Can cyber insurance be the stimulant that society needs to protect itself?

All countries are having to cope with huge volumes of the cybercrime and it seems that businesses and governments are struggling to find solutions.

Are you really helping your employees tackle cyber crime?

Employees quite innocently email things to their personal accounts to work on over the weekend Work documents get stored on personal devices Employees use social media and create a public link between the personal and corporate brand Employees give out their corporate email address and re-use corporate passwords on websites that they use in their […]


Your devices contain highly sensitive information making them a prime target for cyber criminals. With DynaRisk you'll learn how to ensure they're protected against common vulnerabilities

Personal accounts

The average person has over 150 accounts - whether they are in active use or have simply been forgotten about. That's a lot of personal data being cared for by companies with varying levels of cyber security.