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Help using my dashboard

General FAQs

DynaRisk provides cyber security tools to home users and businesses.
Founded in 2016, CEO Andrew Martin realised that companies were
spending large sums of money on protecting their assets, leaving
individuals to fend for themselves.

The DynaRisk dashboard and tools (accessible via browser, a native web
app and mobile apps) aim to provide an extra layer of protection that
antivirus software can’t...

> The world’s first Cyber Security Score.
> Personalised dashboard with actions to improve a person’s score.
> Alerts, training, advice and assistance in the event of a breach.

Find out how it works – for home and for business

We offer a range of plans to suit different needs. Each plan provides users with deeper insights into their personal cyber security risks, threat alert updates and more.

For your home

Standard (1 email protected)
For individuals who are savvy online but would like to monitor their personal information against data breaches and leaks.

Advantage (2 emails protected)
For individuals or couples with multiple email addresses who want to monitor their personal information against data breaches and leaks.

Ultimate (up to 10 emails protected)
For families with teenage children and elderly parents who want to get a better idea of their digital footprint and monitor their personal information against data breaches and leaks.


Select the right plan for home

DynaRisk consistently monitors over 250 hacking communities all over the world. When hackers release stolen data on the Dark Web we take a copy, adding it to our growing database which you can scan to check if your personal information has been breached or leaked. We do not pay for stolen data; we only take free information shared by hackers and consolidate it for our users to access. The information we access is freely available to those who know how to look for it; we just simplify the process and help our customers to take control of their digital footprint.

Find out how it works – for home and for business

For information how we use and store your data, please read our privacy policy.


Privacy policy

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Absolutely - our goal is to help people take control of their digital footprint by providing them with the necessary tools and information.

DynaRisk's Cyber Security Score is designed to help you understand exactly how safe you are online. We carry out an assessment that looks at your general online behaviour as well as a quick scan of your devices - based on the results, your score will highlight vulnerabilities that could increase your risks of a cyber attack.

Find out how it works – for home and for business

DynaRisk are the first company in the world to offer a personal Cyber Security Score.

Like a credit score, you can calculate your online risks by answering a few simple questions. Once the DynaRisk assessment is complete, you will receive a score out of 1,000. A score between 800-1,000 suggests that you are relatively safe online. Anything lower than 800 indicates that you are more at risk of a cyber attack.

You can improve your score by completing suggested actions; your score will change over time based on a number of factors.

Find out how it works – for home and for business

No - however DynaRisk offers an extra layer of protection that antivirus software can’t.

Find out how it works – for home and for business

Use our diagnostic tool to help identify the cause of some commonly experienced cyber security issues, as well as advice on what to do next.

Technical support

We have created a support page dedicated to helping you use your dashboard, however if you can't find the answers you're looking for simply login to your dashboard and select 'Support' to chat to a member of our team.


Help using your dashboard

To reset your login details, click 'Sign in' and 'Forgot password'. If you are unable to remember the email address you used to sign up, please contact us here.

The information regarding the breach can be found in your list of pending actions. If you are still having trouble finding the information, please contact us here.

Firstly, please check that you have typed the code accurately and that there are no spaces.

If the code still doesn't work, please check that you are attempting to apply it to the right plan. Some codes only entitle access to one plan type.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us here.

You can close your account via your dashboard. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss a refund.


Help using your dashboard