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Insurtech Insights 2023

The team had a fantastic time down at the Insurtech Insights event. It was great to see that both days were incredibly busy, with lots of interesting discussions. 

We caught up with the team to get their thoughts, takeaways and highlights for the event.

Firstly we spoke with Beau, our Business Development Director:

‘’It was great to speak with so many innovative, exciting businesses; we had some great conversations with a huge range of companies. The event was packed across the entire two days, with the networking floor fully booked across 100 tables.

The event was focused on customer experience, so we noticed a significant focus on our products Cyber Xpert and Breach Defence, in particular. Everyone that we showed our products to were really impressed by how ergonomic and easy-to-use the interface is. People also really liked how anybody can use our products - regardless of their age or ability. 

A lot of my conversations were with Brokers, Insurers, Underwriters, and IT consultants. However, we did also have conversations with businesses in Healthcare, Travel, and Employee Benefits, exploring how these businesses can enhance their offering by embedding our products within their core offerings. 

We also spoke with clients in Africa and India, on how we can support cyber in such emerging markets. This is exciting for us as these are regions we’re keen to expand our presence in.’’

We also spoke with Chris, our Business Development Manager for the EMEA region. Here are some of his key thoughts and takeaways:

‘’Similar to Beau, most of the conversations I had were around embedding our products. I had a lot of discussions with insurers looking to embed Cyber Xpert within their High-Net-Worth Home insurance products or using Cyber Xpert as a Cyber Insurance add-on. 

I also saw a lot of interest in our latest product, Breach Check. A lot of clients on the insurance side (Brokers, Underwriters) were impressed at how much this data can support both new business and risk management. 

In terms of types of clients, I spoke with a lot of Insurers, Brokers, Underwriting Agencies, MGAs, and Software Providers. Job roles ranged from Partnerships, Sales, Innovation and Underwriting - it was a really good mix!’’

Finally, we also caught up with our CEO, Andrew:

After speaking with so many different prospects, Andrew said it was clear that there were several consistent business needs that our products are able to support.

‘’For me, there were some really key and consistent needs that kept coming up in conversations over the course of the event. 

  • ‘’Firstly, there is a general need to grow businesses coming out of Covid, anywhere from 10% to 100%+.
  • Insurers and Brokers said they have ambitious growth targets, but don’t always have a clear plan on how to hit them.
  • There is a focus on selling Cyber Insurance into segments of the market that have previously been a hard sell.
  • Finally, the insurance industry is in dire need of real, hard hitting cyber intelligence data and insights to market products to customers.

So how can DynaRisk help these needs?

Our latest product launch, Breach Check can be used to help drive new business and identify new opportunities or markets. Our data can also be used to help increase revenue through managing client risk, resulting in improved loss ratios.

Our risk-managment solutions Cyber Xpert and Breach Defence can be embedded into a huge range of products, supporting business growth and market standout. Our easy-to-use tools give the end user cyber intelligence and support at their fingertips - without it being overcomplicated.’’ said Andrew. 

Want to find out more?

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