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September Newsletter

Welcome To Our September Newsletter

We're back with the latest updates and news from the DynaRisk team.


Download Now: Venture Capital Portfolio Cyber Risk Analysis

Our free Cyber Risk Analysis of Venture Capital Portfolio companies is now available for download. The analysis investigates the cybersecurity posture of over 5,000 VC-backed firms, presenting the current cyber landscape. Shockingly, every fund that we analysed had companies within its portfolio operating with what we consider 'high' risk signals. A risk signal is a cybersecurity problem that may leave a company exposed. Gain access to our extensive insight by downloading our free report below.

Download Now


The Devastating Effects of Ransom Attacks

Ransom attacks are an ongoing threat and any sized business could be targeted. While media coverage often focuses on the financial demands of cyber criminals, the far-reaching consequences of these attacks extend well beyond the ransom payment itself.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the true impact of ransom attacks on businesses, shedding light on the often-overlooked factors that contribute to their devastating aftermath. Read more


Our New Free Online Tool: Company Security Scan

We have introduced a new free online tool called Company Security Scan that provides important insights into the cyber security status of your clients, prospects, or insureds. With this tool, you can quickly gain top-level information on their cyber posture, powered by our cyber risk monitoring platform, Breach Check. You can use this information to generate new leads, improve service levels, and reduce risk for your existing clients.

Check a company for Cyber Risks here


20 Million Stolen Vehicle Identification Numbers 

Our threat intelligence team discovered personal data, including names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, VINs, and vehicle details being traded on the dark web.The shared data contains 20 million records, which can be purchased for only $500. Cybercriminals can use this data to steal cars or to commit cybercrime. 

We've pulled together a blog post with more information and steps on how your customers can protect themselves from related scams. Read more