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Over 5 billion stolen records recovered

DynaRisk has recovered over 5 billion pieces of stolen information.

DynaRisk has recovered over 5 billion pieces of stolen information.

We’ve reached an ominous milestone today as we have processed our 5 billionth piece of stolen data from over 2,500 data breaches.

There are records from every sector and every country. Whether you are in Spain, Japan the UK or US, you’ve probably been caught up in one of these data breaches. Dating sites, online retailers, bitcoin platforms, social media sites, banks, insurers, transport companies, energy companies, they have all been affected.

So what do we recover in these data breaches?

The most common attributes we see are email address and password combinations. These can easily unlock the door to a CEO’s email account or a child’s social media account.

We also obtain a lot of other data which might include credit card numbers, physical addresses, government issued ID numbers and more.

Our recently completed study on cyber security behaviours shows that no one uses 100% of the security protections that are available to them. 75% of people use anti virus, 55% of people set social media privacy controls and only 14% use a password manager.

Insurers banks and telecom providers need to equip their customers with the right tools to protect themselves. Remember, most of the issues faced by individuals and companies today are preventable. The public expects to get support from these companies with 66% of people looking to their internet provider for help. Wondering how your sector compares? Take a look at the report.

We continue to see that the main pain point for people protecting themselves is just getting started. The key is for everyone to realise that their data can or will be stolen so they learn what to do about it.