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Operation Cookie Monster

Photo credit: NCI/PA

The Situation

A dark web marketplace called Genesis, which specialised in selling stolen credentials, has recently been seized by international law enforcement agencies.

The marketplace was known to cyber criminals as one of the biggest illegal markets on the dark web, but due to recent arrests, the site was taken down. 

International law enforcement agencies worked together across 17 countries to take down the cybercriminals linked to the marketplace. So far it is reported that 120 arrests have been made, and many of those reported arrests have been linked to stolen data.

What did Genesis do?

It is reported that Genesis provided cybercriminals with a custom-built browser that enabled them to import compromised credentials, allowing them to impersonate victims. This data included the likes of cookies, operating system information, and plugins. This allowed criminals to pass identity checks used by online services, enabling them to hack into online accounts such as online banking.

What happens now?

This takedown is certainly a milestone for law enforcement in their fight against cybercrime, but unfortunately, this takedown certainly won’t wipe out this type of activity.

Our intelligence team has already reported replacement forums circulating and that the distribution of such materials has already continued.

What Has DynaRisk Been Doing?

We have been collecting intelligence data such as the data that was present in the Genesis market for quite some time and notifying customers if their information was at risk. In the last month alone we’ve recovered over 100 million stolen credentials that have been used to carry out attacks. 

If you would like a scan of your company or a portfolio of prospects or customers, please contact us or find out more about our Breach Check solution.