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Deploying Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring

Congratulations! By this point, you’ve decided to look at rolling out Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring in your organization. You’re asking yourself, is this a painful process? No way! We have a few ways of deploying the technology which is super easy and doesn’t require a ton of setup.  

Dashboard Access



DynaRisk’s Breach Check product is available as a cloud-hosted application that you can log into from any modern web browser.  

Once in the app, you can add additional users who will be invited to join the platform too. Registration is super easy and takes just a minute or two.  

Consuming the results of our scanning is simple, you can review results straight in our dashboard, download a PDF report or export everything we found into a spreadsheet so you can run your own analysis on it.

Real-Time Alerting

If you opt for real-time alerting of critical issues, just give us the email addresses of the people or teams you’d like the alerts to be sent to and we’ll set it up.  

API Access

For more advanced customers, we offer the ability to connect to an API directly to query our datasets at scale. Book a demo with our team and we’ll discuss the options for integration and provide you with additional information.  

And that really is it!

At DynaRisk we like to keep cybersecurity simple. When we created Breach Check, we wanted to offer our customers a simple tool that gives them instant access to a world of data at their fingertips, all held within an easy-to-use interface. And that’s exactly what we did!

Our clients love Breach Check, and we’re confident that you would too.  

Want to find out more? Visit our product page to find out exactly how Breach Check works. Or check out our previous articles on Estimating Costs, Common Uses and What is Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring?