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Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring – Cost Estimator

Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring – Cost Estimator

The beauty of software applications is that they can flex up and down to achieve different price points for different use cases and budgets. DynaRisk’s solutions are no different, there are several factors we look at when helping clients estimate a budget for deploying our technology.  

Factor 1 – Volume of Companies

Single Scans

Do you want to scan 10 companies a month or 1,000? Scanning single companies is great when you want to dive deep into a particular client or prospect to see what their cyber risk posture is.

Portfolio Scans

Will you be monitoring a small portfolio of 25 companies or 1,000s? Portfolio scanning is really powerful because it can quickly point to the 5%-25% of companies that have high-risk cyber issues that need to get remediated.  

Factor 2 – Number of Users

Scanning volume is closely linked with the number of users running scans. If the average user runs 100 scans a month then 5 users would be 5x this number.  

Factor 3 – Feature Mix

There are many different types of use cases for Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring tools and our features adapt accordingly. Some clients want to integrate our technology into another system using an API, other customers don’t require the most granular level of data while others do.  

We mix and match features into plans called Essential, Standard, Pro and Enterprise to provide different levels of functionality at different price points. Our most popular package is the Pro version which we find provides the right balance of features and price to most customers.  

What’s the Cost?

Given the different factors involved, our costs tend to fall in a broad range starting at $3,500 USD/year and going up into the six-figure range. We have plan options and price points to suit any budget whether you are looking to scan just a few companies or monitor tens of thousands regularly.  

Now that you know how we cost our products, check out our next article in the series, Deploying Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring.  Want to find out more? Visit our product page to find out exactly how Breach Check works.