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Breach Check New Feature Hack Alerts

We're excited to share a brand new feature recently introduced to our cyber risk monitoring platform - Breach Check.

At DynaRisk, we're constantly improving our products to help customers protect their clients more effectively. 

Introducing… Hack Alerts!

What is it?

It's a new tab in Breach Check, our platform that helps monitor cyber risks. We’ve now created a dedicated tab in our dashboard for you to access hacker chatter alerts in one convenient location.

How does it help you?

If we detect any suspicious activity related to your companies from hacker discussions, it will now be displayed in the Hack Alerts tab. This means you'll know immediately if your domains are at risk. You'll also get round-up emails automatically to keep you in the loop.

How does this help our users?

It's all about staying ahead of cyber threats without wasting time. This feature makes it easier for you and your clients to react quickly, which can be make or break when preventing a cyber attack or a cyber insurance claim. When our dataset detects anything alarming in hacker conversations, you get notified through the Hack Alerts tab and emails. There is no need to do anything manually – let Breach Check do all the work for you! 

Understanding "Hack Alerts"

A "Hack Alert" warning tells you if hackers are talking about targeting any of the domains in your Breach Check account. This can include your own domains or domains for your existing client portfolio. We have a team of data analysts monitoring over 370 hacker forums on the dark web. Hack Alerts are split into three different stages:  

  • Reconnaissance: When a hacker plans to attack a company in the future.
  • Active Attack: When hackers are currently attacking a company.
  • Post Attack: When hackers have successfully attacked a company.

If you want to learn more about a "Hack Alert," feel free to contact us through the live chat on Breach Check. Since we independently source and compile our data, we can dig deeper into any threats, depending on the information available.

Discover the full power of Breach Check by contacting our sales team for a personalised tour of our software and intelligence -