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April newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter

We hope you all had a great, well-rested Easter Break. We're back with more updates and more cyber intel, here's the latest from the DynaRisk team:

You won't believe what happened recently - a message from our CEO, Andrew  



We recently witnessed an incident that was a first for us at DynaRisk. While pulling together cyber intelligence for a client that reached out to us, we uncovered some serious concerns with the company's technology, which meant that they were at high risk of cyberattacks. We couldn't believe what happened next. An attack was launched against the business while we were preparing our report to the client. Don't wait for this to happen to your customers. If DynaRisk was engaged earlier we would have delivered over 75x est ROI on this single issue. Andrew has pulled together a quick breakdown of the event in some more detail, which you can read all about here

What is Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring?


Customers often ask what category of cybersecurity software we fit into, we've written a blog post about this topic to introduce you to Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring technology. Breach Check, is our offering in this category which enables you to monitor your own, your customers, your prospects, or your insureds attack surfaces to prevent both cyberattacks and cyber insurance claims. It can be tricky to understand the ins and outs, so we've pulled together a simple article on how Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring works.  


Operation Cookie Monster


Image - NCI/PA 


This month, a significant event took place in the world of cybercrime. Genesis, a marketplace on the dark web, which specialised in stolen credentials, was taken down by an FBI-led investigation. While one version of the site was dismantled after arrests were made, another is already back up on the Dark Web.  Find out more by reading our most recent blog post.

Our latest podcast appearance



Last week, Andrew had the opportunity to feature on the incredible Profiles In Risk podcast, hosted by Tony Cañas.

The two discussed all things insurance and technology, covering attack trends and best practices that Insurers, Brokers, and MGAs can have in place to improve loss ratios. Want to hear more? You can watch the podcast episode here


Ransomware attacks continue to rise  



We recently reported a surge in ransomware attacks, with 130 companies reported by March 24th. We can now report that the number of confirmed ransoms for March was 366. Remember, we expect this figure to only reflect roughly 10% of the overall ransoms, as not all companies that are hacked make it onto the hacker's public ransom pages. To run a free check on your prospects or insureds, get in touch.

Upcoming events we'll be heading to...

Here are some upcoming events we'll be attending, it would be great to see you there. If you'll be attending any of the below, please get in touch - we'd love to introduce ourselves and find out more about your business.

Zywave Cyber Risks Insights - London, UK, April 19th

InsureTech Connect LatAm - Miami, US - April 24th - 26th

RIMS (RiskWorld) - Atlanta, US, April 30th - May 3rd

Insurtech Hartford Symposium - Hartford, US - May 2nd - 3rd

BIBA 2023 - Manchester, UK - May 10th - 11th

Net Diligence -  Philadelphia, US - May 31st - June 2nd


That's everything for this month! We'll be back next month with May's update.