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6 Ways Your Customers Can Stay Cyber-Safe While Travelling

Summer is here, and with it comes the holiday season. As your customers embark on their vacations, it's crucial to remind them to be cautious about cyber threats. While on vacation, people may lower their defences, but by following some straightforward steps, your customers can significantly decrease their cyber risk and remain alert.


Prepare before the trip

To ensure a safe and secure trip, your customers should prepare beforehand. This includes updating all applications and software, backing up their device, using strong passwords,  setting up 2-factor authentication on all apps where possible,  and enabling 'find my device' across all devices.  


Be careful with their connection

When it comes to an internet connection, your customers should remain cautious while travelling. They should avoid public wifi spots in hotels,  airports, and other public spaces, as these connections aren't always safe. It's better to use their data or secured wifi connections instead.  


Be wary of physical theft

Physical theft is a common occurrence in tourist areas.  Crowded spaces make it easier for thieves to steal devices,  which could lead to them hacking into your customers' online accounts.  To stay safe, your customers should be extra vigilant while travelling and keep their devices close to them or secured somewhere safe.  


Don't overshare on social media

It's important not to overshare on social media while travelling. Although it may be tempting to share lots of information, doing so can put your customers' safety and security at risk. Remind your customers to be mindful of what they share and who can see it.  


Keep an eye on their accounts  

It's common to become less vigilant when on vacation,  but cybercriminals take advantage of this. It's essential to remind your customers to frequently monitor their online accounts,  especially those related to banking or social media, for any signs of suspicious activity.  


Use Cyber Xpert

Reducing cyber risk is simple with the use of a cyber risk management tool like Cyber Xpert. This tool acts as a safety net for your customers and their loved ones online, utilising passive scans, educational resources, and alerts to keep them safe. Cyber Xpert can accompany your customers wherever they go this summer, providing them with peace of mind.


At DynaRisk, we strive to simplify cybersecurity for our clients and their customers. For more information on our personal cyber-protection tool, Cyber Xpert, please click here.

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