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Cyber Security Score

Provide your customers or employees with a simple solution that goes beyond antivirus and protects them from fraud and cyber crime.

The cost of cyber attacks is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. That's why we've created a Personal Cyber Security Score - like a credit score, it helps people to understand exactly how at risk they are online.

Key features of the Cyber Security Score includes:

  • Cyber Security Score & tailored action plan
  • Historic and ongoing data breach monitoring with our database of over 14 billion records
  • Cloud vulnerability scanning and scam & fraud alerts
  • White labelling for brand consistency
  • Multi language capabilities
  • Support for all major devices

Additional Cyber Helpline Feature

Aside from understanding how our day-to-day behaviours might impact our risk, it can also be difficult to know what to do in the face of a cyber incident. Discovering that your device has been infected with a virus, for example, can be extremely distressing - especially when you don’t know where it came from, what it’s doing behind the scenes and how to remove it.

Our support team are not only experts when it comes to identifying and remedying viruses and malware, but also providing advice in assistance to help prevent serious incidents before they happen.

Key features of the helpline include:

• Malware and virus removal
• Advice and assistance
• Multi language capabilities
• Available to Advantage and Ultimate users


We assess a person's risk which looks
at their digital behaviour and any security vulnerabilities.
We then scan our database containing over 14.5 billion breached and leaked accounts, checking for any matches. Once complete, the user will have access to their personal dashboard and receive a Cyber Security Score.
 Improvement plan

In their dashboard the user will also see
a list of personalised actions, tailored
to their specific needs. Completing actions
will help to improve their Cyber Security Score.
 Monitoring & alerts

We continuously monitor their personal
data, notifying them if we discover their
information in a data breach or leak.

We provide ongoing support for all
cyber related queries, from completing
an action to identifying online scams and
removing viruses.

Adding DynaRisk's Cyber Security Score to your cyber solution

Insurance partners can provide DynaRisk's Cyber Security Score to their customers together with a cyber insurance policy, providing a full solution that empowers the customer to protect themselves and in turn, lowering their cyber risks. The benefits to insurers are:

• Increased policy sales and customer retention
• Differentiation against competitors
• Mitigate risk by empowering policy holders to protect themselves

Banking institutions are facing growing losses as fradulent scams against consumers become more sophisticated. By providing our Cyber Security Score to customers, you can empower them to protect themselves online and in turn, reduce fraud losses. The benefits to banks are:

• Differentiation against competitors
• Reduce fraud losses by educating your customers
• Reduce helpdesk call volumes related to fraud

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Telecomunications providers need additional ancilary product revenue to increase their top-line growth. Either as a standalone product or bundled with other value added software such as antivirus, our Cyber Security Score can help telecom providers to:

• Increase revenue
• Reduce churn
• Differentiate their product offering against competitors

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Use cases

Delta Insurance

Delta has bundled our Cyber Security Score with a cyber insurance policy. This all-inclusive solution ensures that their clients are protected in more ways than one, mitigating risk for both the insurer and client.