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Breach Check API

Check to see if your users or employees are exposed in data breaches that may leave them vulnerable to account takeover and other types of cyber crime. Our dataset contains over 14.5 billion data records, recovered from data breaches and leaks all over the world.

Companies amass huge amounts of data which makes them a prime target for hackers. Cyber criminals publicly post or privately trade hundreds of millions of stolen data records every month on the Dark Web, details of which include username and password combinations, dates of birth, credit card details, government identity documents and more. Using this stolen information, criminals take over user accounts for online banking portals, social media and online dating profiles, online retail accounts, business email accounts and more.

Key features of our Data Breach Checker API include:

  • Access to our dataset of over 14.5 billion leaked and stolen data records
  • High level data breach statistics or full leaked data records
  • Send hundreds or millions of queries a day to protect your users
  • Response time in seconds
  • Support to help you build your solution

Adding our API to your service or solution

Leverage our dataset in your cyber insurance products and improve distribution via intermediated or digital channels

• Provide data breach data to clients via your own digital portal
• Enable underwriters and partner brokers to increase cyber insurance quotes and GWP with data breach reports on clients

Protect your customers from fraud by preventing Account Takeovers (ATO), provide customers with proactive data breach monitoring.

• Reduce fraud losses due to accounts being taken over by credential stuffing
• Provide value added services to your clients to differentiate your brand

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Integrate our API into your security solutions for your clients to alert them if their users have had data leaked which puts corporate information, assets and reputation at risk.

• Create new product offerings to increase revenue channels
• Differentiation against competitors and offer more value to clients

Account takeovers can result in significant levels of fraud and brand damage when cyber criminals take over the accounts of your users. Use our API to:

• Reduce Account Takeover (ATO) and fraud losses
• Proactively protect customers by triggering password resets if their details are breached
• Push users to use stronger authentication like 2 step verification if their details are breached

Integration with your app: how it works