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Partner with us

DynaRisk provides innovative cyber security solutions that help to mitigate risks for both you and your clients.

Our products and services can help you and your clients to overcome a number of cyber security related issues and threats.

Why partner with us?

Generate additional revenue
Differentiate your brand from competitors
Mitigate your clients cyber security risks
Reduce Churn

Our distributors

We have an established partnership network with insurers, telecommunication companies and banks around the world.

Delta Insurance
(New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore):

Phone: +64 9 300 3079


(UK, South Africa, Kenya, MENA):


SafeTnet Digital (Ireland):


cxLoyalty (Italy):

Phone: +39 02 806561


Cybersecurity Risk Solutions (United States):

Phone: Toll-Free (877) 241-4561


Some of our partners