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DynaRisk Breach Defence

A digital attack surface management platform with proactive Dark Web and vulnerability monitoring tools designed for SMEs

Cyber Attacks Hit Hard

60% of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of suffering a cyber attack; many businesses are too slow to recognise and respond to an attack.

Significant Financial Losess

Phishing, ransomware, malware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) result in significant financial losses and weeks of business interruption.

SMEs Lack Protection

Mid-market, micro SMEs and sole traders lack the time, expertise and budget to deploy best-in-class protection for their businesses.

Key Features

Reduce your company’s risks of cyber attack with a solution that covers all bases.

Asset Monitor

Asset Monitor keeps track of your external facing assets and services. As your technology footprint evolves, so does your risk profile together with our protection capabilities.

Dark Web Monitor

Dark Web Monitor alerts you to leaked data records like credentials, personal information, credit cards and more. We monitor over 350 cyber criminal communities to find data that can be used to break into your accounts and systems

Education & Training

People are at the heart of securing a business. Teach your staff cyber security basics with our expert training guides and simulated phishing scams so they don’t fall victim to attacks that could expose your business.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Cyber security doesn't have to be complicated; our dashboard lets you quickly stay on top of any risk issues we find.

Hack Monitor

Our Hack Monitor scours the Internet to find indications that cyber criminals are targeting your company or that you’ve been hacked and don’t know it yet.

Vulnerability Monitor

Vulnerability Monitor scans your external infrastructure to look for weaknesses that hackers can exploit.

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Protect Revenue & Reputation

A data breach can lead to clients canceling a contract or imposing penalties on your company, significantly damaging your reputation and bottom line.

Discover your cyber risk profile

"It won't happen to us" is a common attitude but all companies are at risk. SMEs are often seen as a low hanging fruit

Save time & money

Mid size and small businesses don't have huge security teams to stay on top of all their cyber risks. Help your existing IT person, tech team or a managed service provider do more, faster

Stay Compliant

Maintain trust with your clients by maintaining compliance. DynaRisk Breach Defence helps you stay compliant with PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001

Prevent Data Breaches

Monitoring for leaked data, vulnerabilities and hacker activity combined with training and education can help to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches.

Give your staff the right tools

Cyber threats are constantly changing and knowing your personal level of risk can be a challenge. Our platform fives your staff the personal training they need to get safer online.

For your Business

For your Clients

For your Business

Mid-sized and small businesses don’t have huge security teams or budgets to stay on top of growing cyber risks. Help your existing IT staff, tech team or a managed service provider to do more, faster.

For your Clients

Insurers, service providers, brokers and financial service providers need to offer additional tools that clients can engage with. Reduce your breach response costs and improve your loss ratio by helping your clients not get hacked in the first place.

Free Resources to keep you safe online

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Netflix, Spotify & EA: discover the most ‘cyber-attacked’ brands

The number of high-profile data breaches hitting the headlines has made the public more conscious about the security of their online data and personal information than ever before. In order to get a better idea of where consumer data may be vulnerable to theft, we wanted to investigate the brands most commonly ‘attacked’ by cyber criminals.

How to identify a malicious website

Malicious websites come in two forms; they host malware or are used to phish for sensitive information, tricking users into revealing sensitive data such as login credentials for online banking websites. But when a website looks legitimate, what should you look out for?

WhatsApp: surveillance software issue may open up a can of worms

WhatsApp – a free messaging service owned by Facebook – recently reported that surveillance software attack had been detected, affecting an unknown number of users. But how did the attack happen in the first place and how will it affect users?


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