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Welcome to the cyber security capital

Cyber attacks are the virtual reality that has just got real. The latest online attack has shaken the NHS, UK Parliament and many private businesses, but London’s brightest brains are leading the global fight back.

Interview with the Founder and CEO of DynaRisk

DynaRisk is a platform able to quantify personal cyber risks by looking at personal risk factors and external data sources.

Victim Support teamed up with DynaRisk to support cyber victims

Similar to the support offered by the charity Victim Support in the aftermath of physical types of crime, DynaRisk, a cyber security protection service, is now available for victims of cyberattacks and fraud and for those wanting to decrease their online vulnerability. The company says that the partnership for the first time addresses the fact that 90% of UK citizens have at least one or more internet security issues that they need to fix.

Someone out there is pretending to be me. But I’m on their trail . . .

Thanks for choosing Vodafone, began a cheery letter among the pile of mail awaiting my return from holiday last week.