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Welcome to the cyber security capital

Cyber attacks are the virtual reality that has just got real. The latest online attack has shaken the NHS, UK Parliament and many private businesses, but London’s brightest brains are leading the global fight back.

We’re seeing a move towards more automated threats, cleverer cyber weapons, and attacks towards trust in data, where people are in a network for longer, undermining its integrity. The response?

Born in Toronto, Canada, Andrew Martin, now 35, was a typical hacker in his teens, a near high school dropout, terrible at every subject apart from IT. Having enjoyed the adrenaline rush of breaking into systems, he realised the risks if he actually stole anything, so he stopped, and started working for a bank to stop people like “him” breaking in.

Read what the Evening Standards wrote about DynaRisk and some of other new Cyber Security hack-busting squad: