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Thought you were safe online? Think again.

“Often, our information ends up on the ‘dark web” — a collection of around 30,000 websites that are publicly visible but whose IP addresses are kept hidden — meaning the people behind them remain anonymous and cannot be found through search engines such as Google.

Your mobile number and private email address are probably available on the internet for all the world to see — leaving you an easy target for online fraudsters. For example, your details may appear on a local community website, on which people sell second-hand goods, which you first used in 2015 to get rid of baby things your children no longer needed.

In the UK alone 32 million people regularly log onto Facebook. Most of whom think as they have diligently ticked the boxes for the tightest privacy settings, they are fairly confident no one would be able to find much about them on the social network site.

If you think you are safe online, you probably need to think again. In an interview with Mail Online, our Founder and CEO, Andrew Martin said “ordinarily the public remain unaware of who hacks the websites or puts the information online.” Cyber threats and cyber crimes are real, take your online security seriously…

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