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Add valuable services to
improve your customer experience

DynaRisk's solutions help to enhance your sales process and
provide invaluable information to your customers.

•  Generate additional revenue
•  Mitigate your clients cyber security risks
•  Differentiate your brand from competitors
•  Reduce churn

Our Solutions

For Insurers

We have solutions to fit each stage of the insurance value chain so you can provide cyber policies that bring real value to your clients:

1. Lead Generation & Education

Cyber Risk Finder lets prospects find out if they’ve had information exposed in data breaches which would make them suitable for cyber insurance.
Access our database of over 14 billion recovered records from data breaches and integrate our data into your application via API.

2. Risk Management

DynaRisk’s Cyber Security Score helps individuals protect themselves from cyber attack while reducing your claims.
Consumers have come to expect tangible value added services in insurance policies, give them piece of mind while reducing risk to your book.

3. Helpline

Our Cyber helpline allows you to provide expert advice to your clients: from virus remediation to data breach response, we provide advice than can be tricky to find when trouble strikes.


• Increase policy sales
• Add valuable services that benefit customers even if they don't have a claim
• Reduce claims frequency by reducing risk in your insurance book
• Provide rapid response services to clients to get them back up and running in the event they have a claim

For Brokers

Leverage our data to help your clients understand the importance of cyber insurance.

It's easy for business owners to think "we won't be the ones to get hacked" which makes cyber insurance sales and renewals challenging - however we've found that 60% of businesses have had data exposed in leaks or hacks.

Get detailed reporting on which clients have had data exposed so you can help them understand their need for cyber insurance.

• 14 billion leaked and stolen records
• Up to 28x increase in cyber insurance leads
• Increase sales and renewals