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Opinion: Cyber Risk is Everyone’s Business

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The following excerpt is from Insurance Edge:

The threat to a person’s online information is at an all-time high. Our data footprints are huge; often far larger than many can comprehend. In today’s world, people are around 30 times more likely to be robbed online than be mugged. With the threat dynamic constantly changing, understanding how to be safe online is now more important than ever before. It’s estimated that cybercrime costs the UK economy a startling £11billion every year.


Unfortunately, the truth is that businesses and brands can’t do enough to keep the information they have on consumers safe; companies that hold large amounts of data will always be attractive to hackers and cyber-criminals who will find new ways to gain access and obtain this information, whatever the defences. This means that almost everyone is at risk to a certain degree, and online fraud is a problem that isn’t going away.


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