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Easy to implement cyber resilience training for your staff

While entire countries are on lockdown, working from home presents a great opportunity to maintain business continuity. However, remote working comes with several cyber security risks; we should pay the same attention to our cyber hygiene as we do washing our hands.

Coronavirus phishing scams

The world is confronting a severe global health crisis and authorities are working hard to restore normality as quickly as possible. While millions of citizens are staying at home to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, cybercriminals are using the global panic to their advantage.

Norwegian data breach: the cyber security impact of Coronavirus

As the number of cases of Coronavirus continue to grow, governments across the world are taking drastic measures to protect citizens. Italy and Spain have entered lockdown, Germany has closed its borders, New York City has closed its schools and the UK is continuing to monitor cases with talks of border closures in the future. Amidst the uncertainty, stock markets are fluctuating and it’s unknown as to when life might return to normal.

Coronavirus: 5 tips to stay safe while working remotely

The current Coronavirus pandemic is forcing organisations around the world to close their offices, with many more asking their employees to work remotely. This is a necessary precaution to protect the workforce, ensuring that the spread of the virus is slowed and businesses can continue trading. Social distancing is considered to be an important component in managing the spread of the virus; slowing down the spread means that emergency health services aren’t overwhelmed while scientists look for a cure.

Cyber threats on SMEs becoming more targeted and sophisticated

You may assume that large corporations are the main target for financially driven cyber criminals, but sadly small and medium businesses are just as at risk. What makes this risk worse is that oftentimes, a small business’s cyber defence strategies are underfunded, increasing exposure to threats. A staggering 46% of SME business owners believe that cyber-attacks are ‘mainly an issue for bigger organisations.’ (Gallagher research). However nearly 90% of breaches occur in small businesses (FirstData), highlighting a deep misunderstanding when it comes to the cyber security threat landscape.

Netflix, Spotify & EA: discover the most ‘cyber-attacked’ brands

The number of high-profile data breaches hitting the headlines has made the public more conscious about the security of their online data and personal information than ever before. In order to get a better idea of where consumer data may be vulnerable to theft, we wanted to investigate the brands most commonly ‘attacked’ by cyber criminals.

10.6 million MGM hotel records leaked: here’s everything you need to know

MGM Resorts has confirmed that the company was breached after a database containing the sensitive information of nearly 10 million former guests was shared on a hacking forum

15 Cybersecurity Tips to get #CyberReady for 2020

Whether it’s Veganuary, Dry January or Red January, thousands start the year meaning well, but find it difficult to stick to their New Year resolutions. In fact, it’s estimated that just 8% of people will maintain January’s ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude. But we have come up with a detox that isn’t just for January - it’s for life. DynaRisk’s #CyberReady detox for 2020 aims to help people start adopting healthier information security practices.

Data breaches vs. leaks – what’s the difference?

Customer data is at the heart of every successful business. It can be used to improve customer service, develop new products and identify user personas to inform marketing and advertising efforts. Your ‘profile’ offers a pretty detailed insight as to who you are, what you like and how a business might be able to profit from you.